Website Hijacking

Have you ever put an address in your car navigation and found yourself at the wrong place. Imagine if you’re on you way to deposit a bank cheque but your car navigation took you to a place that looked like a bank, but wasn’t. The tellers were scammers and all they did was collect your banking details to rip you off.

This seems a bit far fetched doesn’t it, but that’s exactly what happens online.  Someone tricks your Web browser into taking you to a Webpage that isn’t really the right one. It looks real, but isn’t.

So how do you know?  In the picture above, this is an example of a secure website.  For it to be secure you would look for the following:
1. A padlock either at the start or end of the address bar
2. When you press on the padlock and it will display a popup box and it will advise you if the website is secure and what the actual web address is.

If there is no padlock when you view a website, this will mean that your connection to the site is not secure and it will make it easier for someone to steal your information like passwords.

If you are still unsure, give us a call on 1300 553 084 and we can make sure your online “navigation” is working correctly.