Cloud & Apps

Cloud & Apps

  • Virtual Servers
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Server & Cloud Migrations
  • Offsite Backups & Disaster Recovery

Virtual Servers

Are you worried about the hardware you have on site? Are you worried about data backup, power outages or equipment failures? Did you know that a lot of your hardware can be replaced by a more robust service in the cloud? We can design a solution that performs better, is more reliable, more resilient, and usually cheaper than managing it yourself.

Microsoft Office 365

Using Microsoft Office 365 allows you to access your files anywhere using secure cloud storage. It’s easier to manage your software budget, and can reduce your IT spend through reduced ongoing technical support . Your team members can share documents on projects easily, giving you greater flexibility, increasing productivity, and reducing ongoing administration time.

Server & Cloud Migrations

Moving to the cloud doesn’t need to be hard. We have successfully migrated countless physical servers to our managed cloud platform while focusing on minimising disruption. We project manage the migration from start to finish; we setup end devices and we help end users get the most out of this important investment.

Offsite Backups and Disaster Recovery

Just like carrying a spare tyre in the boot of your car, having a solid backup, business continuity, plan is key to minimising any potential disruption. Online threats and system failures in your business is an ongoing risk: whether it’s an Internet outage, Ransomeware, Hacking or software corruption, we put layers of protection in place to best recover when the inevitable unfortunately happens.