Custom Communications & IT Solutions

Our consultants specialise in helping businesses with custom product development and turn key solutions. We take a “needs first” approach and don’t just sell off the shelf products. Our team work with our customers on every aspect of the analysis, design, implementation, testing and delivery to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled in the most effective way possible. If you have an idea, or want to extend your concepts into a reality, our custom projects and solutions may be the answer.

Intelligent Call Manager

We have developed a fully event driven inbound and outbound Intelligent Call Management platform that can be customized to integrate with your existing CRMs, ERPs or Databases and provide realtime information relating to call events within your campaigns.

  • Update external datasources based on Call Event (Answer, Ring Time, Status, Talk Time, Customer Number, Answering Number, Key Code etc…)
  • Dynamically Route calls to any endpoint based on your requirements
  • Capture point in time information and event statistics based on a huge amount of available call data.
  • Trigger events based on call conditions (time of day, region, key code, answer state, ring state etc…)
  • E-mail, SMS or Webservice updates realtime during the call.

Call Recording Portal

Businesses with heavy reliance on Voice Call Recordings need to be able to access, store, search and sort recordings simply and efficiently. Discuss your strategy with CommSys and we can design an integrated system to ensure your recording data is seamlessly available as part of your existing workflow.

Give your staff access to a simple online file storage system similar to DropBox, but without letting your data leave the organization.

Project and Change Management

We specialize in Project and Change Management within your business. We have business advisors available to provide Needs Analysis, Systems Design, Implementation Services, User Acceptance Testing, User Training and success reviews of your projects.

Network and IT Monitoring for IT businesses

CommSys can provide customised Network & IT Infrastructure monitoring, with customised alerting based on triggers you define. Stop finding out about issues after they occur.

Private Video Conferencing, Whiteboarding, Presentations & Collaborations

Stop feeding your business data to the web. Allow your staff to communicate freely, yet privately by hosting your own, or subscribing to our private hosted Video Conferencing solutions. We can design a system that will work with your business.

In-building Infrastructure Management and Design

We can design and implement a carrier network within your facility, or sites, allowing cost centres, RADIUS, VPNs, isolation, redundancy etc…

Perfect for multi tenant facilities like:

  • High Rise Office Complexes
  • Market Facilities
  • Schools or Campuses
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Caravan & Campgrounds
  • Mines

Network 3G/4G/Microwave Failover Integration

If you require an uninterrupted network and would like to explore multitechnology failover options, we can design and deliver a robust multipath network plan to keep you online.

A single team that focuses on all of your Communication and IT needs

Let us help you take advantage of the cost reductions and productivity increases of cloud computing and get the jump on your competition

Protect Your Business
Protect Your Business

Internet Threats can have a devastating effect on business viability. Protect your income, job and investment.

Trusted Service Provider
Trusted Service Provider

Operating for 15+ Years, CommSys Australia has been helping businesses make the most out the latest technology.

Fast Response Times
Fast Response Times

We understand the urgency when things go wrong, that's why we offer our customers 24/7 Critical Support.

Affordable Services
Affordable Services

Phone Systems and Cloud Computing don't have to be expensive. Our services  match your budget and can scale when you're ready for more.

Professional Support
Professional Support

No Call Centres. Your support calls are answered by a CommSys Engineer. If you need extra help, that's not a problem. Our experts are always available too.

Secure Products
Secure Products

Using CommSys' Secure cloud products, you can sleep at night knowing your Voice, Data and IT is best protected from outages and threats.

<45 Secs Your call is answered
5,000+ Actively Monitored Elements
20Gbps Monitored Data Traffic
2.5M+ Threats Stopped Each Month

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