KEEP Your Computer up to date

Windows updates, that annoying process that slows your computer and internet down and prevents your computer from starting up or shutting down. It can be frustrating but have you ever wondered why those updates are so important?

The updates that are sent out each week by Microsoft are important patches that help protect your system from possible bugs or security vulnerabilities in the operating system. Hackers will try to use these vulnerabilities to create Malware for malicious purposes. Ensuring that the updates are completed will ensure you have the best protection for your computer environment.

Why not contact us to arrange an audit on your business computers and make sure things are up-to-date.

New CommSys Conference Phone Range and the CommSys Conference Bridge

We would like to introduce you to the new CommSys Conference phones from Yealink.

The CP920 is a touch-sensitive HD IP Conference phone that has superior audio quality with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It is perfect for small to medium conference rooms.

The CP960 comes with a 5-inch touch screen. Combining its simplicity of use with sophisticated features it is the perfect conferencing unit for your teams and for medium to large conference rooms.

The conference phones are a great inclusion to your conference needs when added to the CommSys Conference Bridge. The conference bridge is perfect for small to large conferences where members can dial into a dedicated number for the conference call from any phone or mobile.

For more information on the new range of conference phones and the CommSys Conference Bridge, speak to one of our Consultants on 1300 553 084 option 1 or email us at

CommSys Call Recording Portal

Do you require call recording on your inbound and outbound calls for training and compliance reasons.  CommSys provides a Cloud Recording Portal that is easy to access and use.

Some of the features include:

– Easy Search Functionality
– Recordings are uploaded within a few minutes of the call completing
– Keep 3 months work of call recordings – up to 1TB storage capacity
– Access the call recordings from any internet connected device that has a  browser

The benefits of using the CommSys Call Recording Portal instead of other means:

– Access your recordings almost instantly, and act on that information faster
– More reliable than other portals as the recordings are sent individually – less chance of failure
– Fully supported by CommSys IT Support Agreements means less time managing complicated systems, and more time managing your core business
– Faster and easier search functionality – Spend less time getting the information you need
– Easily listen to recordings – MP3 or wav format.  No need to extract the recordings

Give our Sales Team a call on 1300 553 084 for further details on how our CommSys Cloud Call Recording Portal can help you.

Disaster Recovery

Like getting a flat tyre on your car, having a spare tyre for your business ensures you keep operating even when your providers aren’t.

– Review Business Continuity strategies ( IT Disaster Recovery)
Design and Implement IT Disaster Recovery plans
Review system, data and application backups
Phone System and email redundancy
Maintain customer satisfaction and communication
Minimise potential financial losses due to outages

Give us a call on 1300553084 to discuss your current business operation and how we can help you minimise your risks.

Reminder to set your out of office replies

As we head into the holiday season, one thing that you may not have thought about is setting up an automatic reply to your emails.   This is something very simple to do and is an absolute must if you’re not going to be checking and responding to your emails whilst you are away.

To set this up within Outlook, simply press ‘File’ and then ‘Automatic Replies’.  You will be taken to the Automatic Replies setup window so that you can add a personalised out of office message for your colleagues within your organisation.  As well as a more formal one for anyone that emails you from external to your organisation.   You can also set the specific dates and times that the out office message is to be active for.

Other email clients that you maybe using will have a similar setting to do this.

So remember to ensure you set your out of office reply before you leave for the Holiday Period.

CommSys Wishes all our Customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Partner and Customer – CommSys (Sydney NSW Australia) joins the ISAAC Family

Offering Hosted Phone Systems, Cloud Computing Solutions and IT Support and Consultancy, led to CommSys previously being ranked amongst Australia’s fastest growing technology complanies by Deloitte’s.

ISAAC Intelligence today continued their push into the Asia Pacific Region by announcing a double-whammy win; first appointing a new partner in CommSys, also adding them as a new customer, to provide a new Office 365 and SharePoint Online based Oxygen CRM and Order Processing & Management solution to replace their legacy Sage ERP. Continue reading New Partner and Customer – CommSys (Sydney NSW Australia) joins the ISAAC Family