Why choose CommSys as your IT solution provider?

CommSys has been delivering innovative IT and Communications for our customers since 2004.

The IT and Communications space is highly competitive, so you may ask yourself, why choose CommSys and what sets us apart from the competition?

On the surface, it may appear that all IT service providers do the same things – supply and manage internet services, build and support office phone systems, configure and manage office servers, manage Microsoft Office 365 environments and implement security products.

We surveyed our customers to find out the real reasons they have chosen and continue to stay with CommSys as their IT provider.

The top 5 reasons customers choose CommSys
  1. CommSys will talk directly with the business owner and reduce the red tape

Our management team are always available to talk directly with your business when required. While all CommSys staff have years of experience and are extremely professional, sometimes situations arise that could benefit from urgent decision making. This may be commercial or operational in nature. This is why we provide our customers with a communication path directly to our Managing Director.

  1. CommSys understand my business needs and provide tailored solutions for me

We know that one solution doesn’t fit all businesses. Our first step is to understand how your business operates and how best to utilise the various technical products and services available. We use multiple vendors and select the best technology from the most reliable sources to suit your business.

  1. CommSys don’t use call centres; you speak directly to their technicians

Our professional IT team is located on the Central Coast in NSW. We don’t utilise Call Centres that can just delay the support you need. We focus all of our energy on supporting businesses. This means we are not distracted with small individual users. This ensures we’re providing fast, professional and tailored support to meet your business needs.

  1. CommSys provide reliable business solutions and deliver on their promises

We have built our business on ensuring we deliver high performing and reliable products and services. We understand the value businesses place on consistent productivity. We work with our customers to meet their project timeframes and deliver support when needed and within budget.

  1. CommSys saves us time!

Reduce the time you spend managing your IT by talking to one provider. At CommSys, we see a lot of business struggling to manage multiple technology providers. We see providers with different ideas, incompatible products, different processes, and procedures with competing priorities. We can offer our customers one point of contact and take ultimate responsibility for your business technology. This ensures you get the most out of your technology investments whilst avoiding the administration headaches.



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