How to restore previous versions of your documents on OneDrive

Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive are powerful tools that can allow multiple users to make simultaneous changes on the one single document. By default, OneDrive will auto-save any changes you make to the document as they occur. Whilst this function is great for team collaboration, it can also leave people wondering if they can find older versions if edits are made accidentally.

OneDrive’s version history tool allows users to recover previous versions of their files. All versions are saved for each file on your OneDrive for up to 30 days. These files can include documents, pictures, videos, and PDFs. This feature allows users to benefit from OneDrive’s auto-save functionality without the fear of accidentally saving unwanted changes.

To restore a previous version, right-click on the document you were editing and click “show more options”.


Then click “Restore previous versions



If you don’t see the above messaging appear, you can right-click the file you want to restore and select “Version history”.

A box will appear and display all the previous versions of your file. Simply click on the version you would like to restore.

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