Your 10 point out-of-office holiday period checklist

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s getting close to the time of year when you can relax and take a much-needed break. If you are preparing to take a vacation, here is a 10 point out-of-office holiday checklist that will make leaving the office stress-free. Read through to find out what you need to do before you leave the office.

  1. Craft the perfect out-of-office message – Your out-of-office auto-response needs to include three things: how long you’ll be gone, whether you’ll be checking in and who to contact in your absence.
  2. Redirect your office phone lines
    If you are going to be out of the office or operating with a skeleton staff, it’s a good idea to enable your holiday ring-group and announcements.
  3. Update your voicemail to include your out-of-office message – 
    Be sure to update your voicemail to include your out-of-office message which should include when you will return to the office or who people should contact in the event of an emergency.
  4. Schedule email reminders-
    Embrace automated inbox technology. If you know your teammate needs a gentle reminder to complete an important task each Friday, schedule an email to go out while you’re on holiday. Outlook has a function that allows you to delay or schedule emails.
  5. Tell your colleagues when you’ll be out of the office –
    Don’t leave anyone wondering where you are; make sure everyone who needs to reach you knows you’ll be unreachable between certain dates.
  6. Tell your customers and suppliers when you’ll be out of the office
    If you are operating on a skeleton staff, tell your customers and suppliers the dates your office will be closed and how they can get in touch for critical tasks.
  7. Block off time when you return to work
    The only thing tougher than coming back from holiday is coming back and stepping directly into a long morning of meetings. If possible, block off the first two hours in your calendar of your first day back to make sure you have time to reassess your priorities, tackle urgent emails and start your day off in an intentional way.
  8. Document standard processes
    It is a good idea to create a manual for your role that you can edit as you go. It can be a simple document that you can share with your team when discussing who will be covering your duties while you’re out of reach on holidays. Write out some of the tasks you do on a daily basis that would be helpful to others while you’re away.
  9. Install software updates or turn off devices you’re not using
    There is no better time to install software updates before you leave the office for a couple of days. Use the time to update your phone, tablet, and computer devices. It’s also good practice to turn any unused devices off.
  10. Don’t forget to back up your files! –
    The holiday seasons usually means increased activity for hackers. They target you when you’re most distracted with other things. It’s important to make sure your data is secure and backed up before you go and relax.

Bonus Tip
After all this, there are a few other important things left to do. Dust off your sports gear, double check your boardies still fit you (remember, you were in lockdown) and make sure your party fridge is still working. And don’t forget to have an awesome Christmas Holiday!

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