Experiencing a business phone line outage? Here are some steps to help resolve your problem




Unfortunately, landline phone and internet outages do occur. Such outages can be due to planned system outages or unforeseen line faults and can be extremely stressful when they happen.

Recently, one of CommSys’ larger clients experienced an on-site phone system outage during business hours. This outage occurred due to a service provider interfering with the fibre connection in the area, resulting in all local businesses losing their internet and landline facilities.

This type of disruption can be damaging to a business. CommSys was able to react quickly and implemented a solution to minimise the impact. We quickly diverted all mainline phone calls to employee mobile phones which allowed our client to continue to perform its business operations.  These days, a business would struggle to operate without internet and phone lines for an extend period of time. This diversion was in place for two days whilst technicians fixed the damaged cables and proved to be a powerful solution.

Whilst this solution was implemented as a temporary fix to a network outage, it could also be used as a permanent route for any business who may wish to use their mobiles in their call-flow instead of desktop handsets or softphones.

CommSys can help you with all your business communication channels and will work with you to implement a suitable call-flow option to complement your business needs.  Some of these features include custom announcements, queueing systems, auto-answer with voice prompts, and more.

If you have any questions regarding how to implement a phone line diversion for your business, please get in touch with a CommSys team member.



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