How to setup a mobile wifi hotspot

If you find yourself in a place without WiFi, you can always use your phone, or any device with data, as a mobile hotspot.

A mobile hotspot converts the cellular data  networks into a WiFi signal. Many smartphones and computers have the ability to share their data via tethering.

Here’s how to set up a hotspot on your phone or computer.

iPhone setup

1. On your iPhone navigate to the settings menu and select Personal Hotspot

2. Turn on the Personal Hotspot and enter a password. Once completed, select done.
Make sure your mobile data is also enabled.

3. Switch on your PC/Mac and connect to the hotspot via the wifi. Remember to enter the password you selected.

Now that you have turned your device into a hotspot, you will have a new WiFi network with the same name as the device.

Android setup
  1. Go to your phone’s settings, then selecting Network & Internet. The picture below may differ slightly depending on the version of Android you are running

2. Select Hotspot & Tethering



3. Select WiFi hotspot


4. Turn on the WiFi hotspot


You can use the default password or create one of your own. Make sure mobile data is also turned on.

5. Connect to the hotspot on the laptop via the WiFi using the password entered.








Article by Brad King

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