NBN Rollout to close down traditional business phone lines

As the NBN roll out is nearing completion, this also brings with it the cancellation of special business grade services. NBN Co has now assumed ownership of the copper network and have commenced the scheduling to decommission services such as PSTN and ISDN phone line services. The following is the revised disconnection dates:

Service First Disconnection Date
PSTN Usually 18 months after NBN is becomes available
ISDN 30 September 2019

Most traditional on-site phone systems connect directly to one of these technologies. With both these types of services scheduled for disconnection, it’s important to plan on upgrading your business phone system now.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is the new standard for phone connectivity with the most common protocol in VoIP being SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). Not all traditional phone systems support the SIP protocol or VoIP at all. In this case the phone system will require either additional hardware or licenses. However, another solution is to move your business phone system to the cloud. This will give you many great options including an upgraded phone system that will enable you to operate your business anywhere, anytime and has the ability to expand as your business grows.

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