Why protecting your brand is super important

Back in 2004 two mates sat around a kitchen table dreaming up names for a new IT business. High on caffeine, and after what seemed like a thousand suggestions that ultimately had all already been taken, CommSys come to mind!

CommSys was the perfect name. Shortened for Communications Systems. Yay, it was finally done. CommSys Australia and the commsys.com.au domain was born. We were in the market to sell our new hosted phone systems.

We soon realised there was another ComSys. Spelt with only one “m”. This particular ComSys was a similar company to us, servicing a similar business market, with the domain name comsys.com.au. A disaster! Our customers were getting confused, and their emails were going to the wrong CommSys.

A few years later the other ComSys was put into Administration and closed. Our customers were now free from the confusion, well, that’s what we thought. Unfortunately our customers thought that we (CommSys) had packed up. Some swift communication and reassurance that ComSys, was not actually their CommSys, eased their concerns. We’re all good again.

Well, the ComSys name and domain got snapped up and any misspelt emails sent were once again going to the other ComSys. Just like Obe Wan says, that is not the ComSys you are looking for. So if you’re reading this, and looking for the best IT and Communications business in Australia, make sure you’re spelling our business name with a double “m” – CommSys. Communications Systems.