Does Your Business Really Need An Onsite Server?

As the uptake of public cloud services such as Office 365 has picked up speed in the past 12 months, Organisations are beginning to migrate their on-premise solutions to online/cloud based offerings. With this comes the question; Do I really need a server onsite?

In many cases, this question is not easily answered, however, a few questions should be taken into consideration:

  • Where is my main employee base located?
  • Does your line of business software have a cloud offering?
  • Business and Security Compliance Requirements?
  • Does your business offer or allow for BYO device and non-windows systems?

Depending on the answers to the above questions, this will determine the type of server that you will require. Due to the complexity of moving to a cloud solution you really need professional help. But it’s worth it, because the opportunities that this will bring to your business is greater working flexibility, data redundancy and cost savings. We all want that!

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