How Secure Is Your Password?

When choosing a password, people generally decide to make it something quick and easy to remember, however, this does make it easier for hackers to crack the password and gain access to your important information.

When choosing a password, to give it the best chance of being secure against hackers, you should follow the following guide:

  • Do not use common words
  • Do not use meaningful dates or known events like birthdays, holidays or pet’s names
  • Avoid using general dictionary words
    Use random characters and not phrases
  • Avoid commonly used passwords like: password, abcd1234, 123456. These passwords take less than 8 milliseconds to guess.
  • Ensure the password is at least 8 Characters long and includes the below
  • At least 1 Lower case letter a-z
  • At least 1 Upper case letterĀ  A-Z
  • At least 1 Number 0-9
  • At least 1 Special Character !@#
  • Avoid using the same password twice

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